David Dikeman Training

Have David personally train your dog. 
High profile clients from all over the world have had the privilege of retaining David’s expertise to personally train their dogs.

Background on David Dikeman:

David is a man with wisdom and experience that has lived many lifetimes. A man who has had a roller coaster ride of ups and downs but is still up and shining. He started training dogs in 1975, when he got his first dog. Like most other trainers and humans, he attended a local obedience class. Before that, he worked with almost every small wild animal he could get his hands on, rescue, rehabilitate and nurse back to health. From squirrels to snakes, turtles, rabbits, birds, ferrets, skunks, chipmunks, and even a fox. For years he kept nagging his mother for a dog until the amount of wild creatures became too much for her senses to handle and she allowed him to get a dog. His dog that started it all was a Doberman pup in 1976. A powerful breed for many people to handle but at that young age he was already wise enough to understand the importance of challenging a dog and meeting it’s breed requirements. David joined a Schultzhund club and worked on Tracking, Obedience, and protection training. Later on due to his personality and ability to see improvements, in 1979 David started his own training and consultation business. He was then called in to train for some fortune 500 clients and developed a reputation for quality work and being able to get results with “hard cases” and aggressive dogs that would have otherwise been destroyed if they could not demonstrate that they had been rehabilitated. Several judges sent dogs to him in court cases of dog bites for his recommendations.