Command Performance Training system DVD

The Results In My Video are Typical!


“After 20 Years and Thousands of Dogs, The Fundamentals Are Exactly The Same…”

“I would like to purchase #10 (TEN) DVDs on my paypal account. I live in Greece, and everyone in my dog trainers group loves your methods.” Franco G., Athens, Greece

… And I GUARANTEE You Will Get The Same Predictable Results, Regardless of Breed or Experience, With The Complete “Command Performance Dog Training System.”

“You heard me. The results you just saw ARE typical.”

Here’s what this is all about, and why it’s important to you. In less than 20 minutes, you can begin creating a companion you can take anywhere.

If you want to have the dog of your dreams—a true “best friend” that can be trusted—in any situation with you or your family, without ever needing a leash and still under total control, then you have come to the right place.

This is David Dikeman’s Command Performance Training System, and that dog is Your Dog. Don’t wait — Let me show you how…

Partner With Me Through 10 Lessons, And You’ll Never Need A Leash Again!

$59.95 Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Command Performance Dog Training System.

(Collectors Edition DVD’s: Autographed / personalized to you/your dog/or to the recipient by David Dikeman )

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